The Beauty Benefits of Facials

When was the last time you booked yourself a facial? With everything going on right now, stress is inevitable and can take a major toll on the skin. We all make regular visits to the doctors, dentists, hair salons, lash appointments and more. However, we tend to forget that our skin needs a whole lot of loving too. Here are 5 amazing benefits from booking a routinely facial once a month!     

  1. Reduces Stress. Stress manifests in the face first, usually in the jaw and temples. This can lead to acne, pain, inflammation and sagging. Facials include a very in-depth facial massage which helps ease away the stress and tension built up in the face. Not only does it alleviates stress, but also causes psychological relaxation.
  2. Cleanses and Detoxifies. Even those of us with at-home skincare routines can admit that some days we just fall asleep with our makeup on. We could all afford a longer, more in depth cleansing of our skin.  A regular facial helps cover up our crimes of neglect by providing a deep cleaning that will get rid of the buildup of oils, toxins, and dirt.
  3. Anti-Aging. Getting a facial once a month stimulate cells to reduce the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, and age spots. Often, women appear to age more quickly due to the lack of blood circulation. The stimulation of facial muscles will increase blood flow, allow cells to regenerate and bring your skin back to life!
  4. Heals Acne. Acne can take such a toll on your self confidence and daily activities. It is natural to yearn for clear skin, which is why we have dedicated our careers to helping heal others skin. Don’t try to take matters into your own hands and attempt to pop your pimples. This only makes the problem worse. The exfoliation process eliminates debris that are clogging your pores, while extractions get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. A routinely facial will also help prevent future breakotus!
  5. Professional Advice. Often times we self diagnose and decide what skincare products to buy based off of a celebrities review. By seeing a licensed Esthetician regularly, not only are you getting customized treatments for your specific concerns, but you are also learning about ingredients and products that you can incorporate into your at-home regimen.

Regular facials promote healthy, well hydrated complexions, and leave us all with young, refreshed skin!





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