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Spinal Decompression Therapy From Your Cottonwood Heights Chiropractor

spinal decompression therapy

If you suffer from bizarre, disturbing, or even disabling neck pain, back pain or neurological symptoms, there's a good chance that a disc in your spinal column is the culprit. When nerve tissue is pinched by neighboring spinal structures, including the cartilaginous discs that provide cushion and spacing between vertebrae, you've got a serious problem -- but that doesn't mean you need to submit to serious surgery. Here at Canyon Creek Chiropractic, we resolve such issues for Cottonwood Heights residents through the use of safe, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

Principles of Spinal Decompression Therapy

To see how spinal decompression therapy helps relieve back pain and other symptoms, we must first understand how the spine becomes "compressed" in the first place. Your spine is an array of multiple vertebrae that are joined together by small joints known as facet joints. The discs between adjacent vertebrae not only absorb shock; they also maintain a constant space between the vertebrae. Over time, the water content inside a disc may fall, allowing the disc to bulge outward instead of maintaining its height. The places an undue burden on the facet joints, which can become inflamed and arthritic. Bulging discs can also press against major nerve roots, especially if they herniate. In a herniated disc, part of the inner material (which contains inflammatory substances) escapes from the disc through a rupture, causing such problems as:

  • Sciatica - Low back pain/leg pain, tingling sensations, numbness or loss of function in a leg or foot due to lumbar/sacral impingement
  • Cervical radiculopathy - Symptoms similar to those of sciatica, but occurring in an arm or hand due to cervical impingement

Traditional methods for treating disc problems have relied on surgical procedures to remove disc material and/or fuse vertebrae together so they can't articulate -- an extreme, permanent move involving significant recuperation time and additional pain. Spinal decompression therapy eliminates those negatives. Our special treatment table imparts a tiny amount of outward-pulling flexion distraction force to the spine. This creates negative pressure between the vertebrae, pulling a herniated disc away from nerve tissue. It also pulls water back into a bulging discs so it can "plump up" and support the spine properly again, easing the stress on the facet joints.

A Useful Supplement to Chiropractic Treatment

Our chiropractor, Dr. Carlucci, can prescribe spinal decompression therapy alongside chiropractic care and other natural, non-invasive treatment methods. This may especially useful if you have suffered an accident injury that involves vertebral subluxation and muscle damage as well as herniated discs. Periodic spinal decompression also makes a useful tool for chronic pain management if you suffer from ongoing neuropathy, back pain or neck pain issues.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Cottonwood Heights Chiropractor

If you're ready to learn more about the benefits of non-surgical spinal decompression, it's time to talk to our Cottonwood Heights chiropractor. Call Canyon Creek Chiropractic today at (801) 943-0932 to schedule an initial consultation!

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